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Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy This Summer

Summer is a time to start wearing sandals, flip flops, and even go barefoot. It is also a time when foot problems increase. There are things you can do to keep your feet safe this summer. Check out the following tips and search for a ‘podiatrist near me’ to find a professional who can answer your questions.

Don’t always wear flip flops

Flip flops seem like an easy shoe choice for the summer, but they cause a lot of problems. Cheap, flimsy versions can cause heel pain, stress fractures, callouses, and other conditions that require a visit to a foot specialist.

There are ways to make flip flops safer. Look for ones that have thick soles and arch support. Consider flip flips that have straps that will secure your foot in place so the shoes don’t fly off when you walk.

Cut down on sweaty feet

Hot temperatures increase sweat, and for many people, this means sweaty feet. All that moisture throughout the day can build up and increase your risk of a foot infection. You may want to skip the socks during the hot summer months, but they can actually help with sweaty feet. Find ones that are designed to wick away excess moisture and change out of damp socks as soon as possible.

You will also want to rinse your feet off at the end of the day to keep them cool and dry. To cut down on sweat even more, brew a pot of black tea. Let it cool, then soak your feet in the tea for about 30 minutes. The tannins can decrease the production of sweat in feet.

Be cautious when walking barefoot

Walking barefoot in the summer feels great, but it also increases your risk of infection. Viruses that cause warts, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot, and bacterial skin infections are all possibilities in the summer. All of these thrive in moist warm environments, such as a public pool, where people are often barefoot. If you suspect any of these infections, contact a foot specialist.

Wearing no shoes also increases your risk of stepping on something sharp, such as a splinter or glass. This can happen outdoors or even in your home. Consider wearing shoes instead whenever possible.

Follow these suggestions and you will keep your feet happy and healthy throughout the summer. If you have any concerns, don’t forget to look for ‘podiatrist near me’ to find a foot specialist. They will help your feet continue to look and feel great.

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