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How to Care for Yourself after Foot Surgery

Your feet work hard every day. It is never more evident that your feet are hard-working as after you suffer a foot injury and one or both are out of commission. Whether you have a foot fracture, or you've undergone foot surgery, you'll have to adjust your lifestyle and learn how to care for yourself as you recover. The following tips will help you to take better care of yourself during the healing process.

Healing Takes Time. Don't Rush It

You are probably in a hurry to get back to your everyday life, but it will take time. Follow the instructions that your doctor gives. Your doctor wants you back up on your feet just as much as you do, but you have to take it slow, so you don't cause more damage. Things still need to be done, but not by you. Ask for help and accept it if you need it. To keep your mind busy, binge watch a favorite TV show read a good book, or begin a new craft project. It is the perfect time to start something you've wanted to do.

Stay on Top of the Pain

  • Your doctor will prescribe pain medication for you. Take medicine as prescribed to keep pain at bay. If you skip a dose, you may give the pain a chance to creep back up.

  • Keep your foot elevated as much as possible in the days following your surgery.

  • Use ice packs to keep the swelling down.

Keep the Pressure Off

Keep from putting pressure on your foot. Your doctor will advise you on when and how much weight your foot can take. Trying to rush it can set back your healing. It would be best if you also avoid any heavy lifting. Lifting heavy items puts a lot of pressure on your feet.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open with Your Doctor

Update your doctor to any changes in your condition. Changes that point to infection should be reported to your doctor immediately. Update your doctor to any difference in appearance or function. If you begin running a fever, you should contact your doctor.

Your doctor knows what is best for you during the healing process. Together, you will work out a care plan that involves as little downtime as possible. While healing time can drag and seem endless, before long, you'll be back on your feet and pain-free.

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