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3 Essential Things to Do When Preparing for Ankle Surgery

Have you recently been to a downtown podiatry appointment only to receive the news that you will need to be scheduled for an ankle surgery? Although this news may be rather disheartening at first, it is important that you prepare appropriately for this surgery so that your recovery process runs as smoothly as possible.

1 - Prepare Your Home

Having ankle surgery means that you will be off your feet for a while as you heal. To make this difficult time a little easier for yourself, you should make sure that you have organized your home in a manner that makes it easy for you to get what you need. Here are a few things to prepare in your home:

Arrange for your mail to be delivered to your front door.

  • Finish all your laundry.

  • Keep your home stocked with essentials like food, toiletries, and medication.

  • Place a medical shower seat in your shower.

  • Stock up on movies, books, and puzzles to keep you entertained.

  • Install nightlights throughout your home.

  • Invest in an office chair with wheels to allow you to move around in your home.

  • Have a raised toilet seat installed in your bathroom.

  • Purchase a grabbing tool to help you reach items on shelves or in cupboards.

2 - Arrange a Support System

Once you are scheduled for surgery by your downtown podiatry center, it is crucial for you to speak with your friends and family members. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, so that they are aware of what to expect from your surgery and secondly, so that they are aware of the amount of support you will need during recovery.

You can also develop a schedule where your loved ones take it in turns to check up on you and to provide you with assistance with difficult tasks that need to be completed in the home. You may also need help with bathing, cooking and cleaning during this time.

3 - Educate Yourself

One of the most important things to do when preparing for a large operation like this is to read up on the joint as well as the procedure itself. Once you are scheduled for surgery, take the time to read everything you possibly can. Not only is it reassuring, but it will also provide you with a better understanding of the medical terms used by your healthcare team.

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