Podiatrist Is A Foot And Ankle Specialist

Much like your hand and wrist, the ankles and feet on your body have some of the smallest bones in your body. You'll find more bones here than anywhere else on the body, and, unlike your hands and wrists, the foot and ankle must sustain the entire weight of your body. Every step you take places a large amount of pressure directly on your feet and ankles. Over time, your feet and ankle may suffer injuries, or the wear and tear of everyday life of the course of a lifetime can lead to the breakdown of bones, cartilage and other areas around the feet and ankles. Whatever the issue may be, it is important to have your feet and ankles seen by a specialist, should you ever have a problem. That is exactly what a podiatrist is.


If you are in need of a podiatrist and live in the greater Orlando, FL area, Advanced Podiatry Group is seeing new patients and is here to assist you in your foot and ankle needs.