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There are dozens of small bones within your feet and ankles. These are some of the smallest bones in your body, and yet these bones must support your entire frame. You have more direct pressure applied to your toes or your ankles than anywhere else. It doesn't matter if you're an avid runner or not, wear and tear to this area of the body does occur. And when you do suffer some kind of injury it can completely derail the rest of your life. An injury to your feet or ankle will affect your ability to get around, which reduces your quality of living. That is exactly why you need to see a foot and ankle doctor whenever you sustain such an injury to this area of the body.


If you live in or around greater Orlando, FL the team at Advanced Podiatry Group will provide you with state of the art care. From an ankle sprain to a fractured toe, when you need a foot and ankle doctor, turn to Advanced Podiatry Group.