Ankle Surgery

Advanced Podiatry Group Provides Both Foot And Ankle Surgery
An injury to your ankle will cause all kinds of mobility problems. Whether you broke your ankle, fractured it, or you sustained an injury to the joints and ligaments within the ankle, this is an injury you need to address right away. Due to the sheer amount of pressure and weight your ankles must support, putting off addressing the injury will only make matters worse, and it is difficult for this area of the body to heal if you don't do anything about it (and stay off your ankle). That is why if you have any kind of ankle injury you need to see an expert, and not just your primary healthcare physician. At Advanced Podiatry Group, you will receive attention from a podiatry specialist, who works exclusively with feet and ankles. During your visit, the problem will be identified and then, from there, if you need ankle surgery your medical staff will work with you in making it the smoothest possible operation possible.